CarPay-Diem strikes landmark deal in energy transition and digital transformation

We are excited to announce that we have signed a landmark deal with one of the largest and most innovative energy retail chains in the Nordic region. This new collaboration encompasses over 500 retail sites and is currently set to go live in September this year.

Philippe Meyer

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CarPay-Diem's leadership in energy retail mobile commerce will soon boost the customer experience at 500+ retail stations. This collaboration will enable personalized offers, mobile payments for fuel and EV charging, digitized fuel cards and future functionalities like contactless payment transactions in connected vehicles.

This is the first time that a customer has opted for such a comprehensive and integrated solution like CarPay-Diem - a platform that provides innovative digital experiences for everyone and that integrates with any existing technology without any limitations.

The project encompasses B2C and B2B scenarios, tackling energy transition challenges. It begins with EV charging and progressively incorporates all energy types offered at their forecourts. Additionally, the project facilitates their digital transformation by digitizing the company’s fuel cards.

The collaboration will also allow the retailer to interact with customers through digital marketing and offer discounts, promotions and messaging. In the coming months, we will work together to introduce a series of connected commerce experiences starting with payment solutions for electric vehicle charging; mobile fueling; fleet card digitization and mobile commerce to boost their convenience stores business and driver acquisition.

“Whilst our core strategy remains since the creation of the company we have been prompt to adapt and expand in response to the evolution of our industry. If our network coverage is being built in conjunction with our first institutional shareholder, Edenred, the volume of transactions will be strongly influenced by the integration into the fleets of our most recent shareholder, ZF. Our B2B strategy is starting to pay off”, said Alain Tayenne Co-founder of CarPay-Diem.

“…on the B2C segment, the addition of our EV capabilities onto the most successful fueling platform in Europe in terms of transactional volume allows our users to keep control over their transition from ICE to EV, or from fossil to electricity in simpler words ”.

Tayenne adds:

“…and if you consider the combination of digital marketing on top of this uniquely complete mobile payment orchestration platform, we feel that our offering is becoming pretty rich and robust”.

This deal illustrates our commitment to building a smarter and interconnected mobility ecosystem for the future. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with and assisting them in expediting their digital transformation, attaining sustainability objectives, and augmenting customer satisfaction. Together, we will be shaping the future of retail and mobility in the Nordics and beyond and we are proud to be their partner in this digital transformation journey.