Expand your services, stand out from your competitors, and acquire new users

Sub-heading - Build user loyalty with an innovative solution that increases your app’s user engagement while monetising your customer base (in full compliance with the GDPR).

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Improve customer loyalty thanks to an innovative new feature and boost your app’s user engagement. Stay focused on the development of your app and integrate this new service quickly via API.

Bolster your user acquisition campaigns

  • Discover a solution that allows you to profit from your customer base in full compliance with international personal data protection regulations.
  • Become part of an ecosystem focused on mobility and, in doing so, carve out your presence in the growing world of mobile payment.

Expand your offer with modern features

  • Make your users’ lives easier without any of the usual development headaches. All you have to do is add a new feature to your existing app using API integration.
  • Build user loyalty by expanding your range of mobility-focused services. 
  • Acquire new users by setting yourself apart from your competitors!

Become a partner in the mobility ecosystem

  • Earn commission on each transaction carried out through your app by your users.
  • Take advantage of secure, ready-to-use contactless payment technology that can be integrated directly into your app.

How Does CarPay-Diem Work?

We connect petrol stations with driving communities. 


Who are these communities? Our partners are from the banking sector and mobility apps. We are offering you the chance to integrate our technology into your app, in exchange for commission on transactions and access to your community.


Motorists can use our technology to access pumps without getting out of their car and pay for their fuel in a completely secure, contactless transaction using a smartphone app or one directly integrated into their vehicle.


Upon payment, the user interface will display a targeted promotional offer based on the information provided and you will earn commission on the transaction.

Driver's CarPay-Diem experience

Your benefits

Take advantage of new business opportunities without having to spend a fortune.

Benefit from a new source of income under the guidelines of the GDPR: you don’t sell your data and will be in control of it at all times.

Diversify your mobility offer and set yourself apart from your competitors’ apps.

Attract new users thanks to our unique solution.

Foster your users’ loyalty by adding several mobility features to their usual app.

Reap the benefits of a market that already generates almost 50,000 transactions a month.

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They trust us

The CarPay-Diem platform is currently already available or in the process of being rolled out in petrol stations in Benelux and France and is coming soon to Germany.

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Use case

We are the mediators of an ecosystem with a long-term outlook designed to offer a win/win solution to all parties. We’d love for you to join us, so why wait?
Don’t wait a moment longer to unlock the potential of your community.

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