Improve sales by driving the petrol station experience into the 21st century


Pinpoint your customers’ behaviour: their journeys, consumption habits, preferences and the frequency of their visits so you can interact with them more effectively and increase the number of in-store sales.


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Unlock the potential of the digital world and stand out within this highly competitive market thanks to our unique solution allowing motorists to pay for fuel directly through their smartphone or connected car.

Sell more fuel:

  •  Offer your customers a new way to pay that is simpler, faster and completely personalised thanks to our innovative mobile payment process.
  • Our partners’ communities represent millions of potential customers who will be directed to your petrol stations, which will be geolocated in their apps.

Cut costs:

  • Use your marketing budget effectively by attracting the customers you want and giving them the benefits that suit you best.
  • Switch up a gear and cut your digitalisation costs. From day one, we will help you reach hundreds of thousands of connected drivers at a lower cost. Our solutions are  100% software and do not require any installation in your infrastructure.
  •  Reduce transaction costs. Not only do our banking partners allow you to fully exploit digital’s potential, they also offer you mobile payment that doesn’t break the bank.

      Sell better :

      • Turn payments into targeted marketing interactions thanks to community data provided by our partners through intelligent segmentation of the right goals for you within the communities we bring to you.
      • Move towards secure and innovative digital technology, integrated into our partners’ existing applications.



      How Does CarPay-Diem Work?


      We connect petrol stations with driving communities.


      Who are these communities ? Our partners are from the banking sector and mobility apps. We offer them the chance to integrate our technology into their app in exchange for access to their community.


      Motorists can use our technology to access pumps remotely and pay for their fuel in a completely secure, contactless transaction using a smartphone app or one directly integrated into their vehicle.


      Upon payment, the user interface will display a targeted promotional offer. The driver can then take advantage of this offer in store.


      CarPay-Diem user experience

      Your benefits

      Access millions of drivers through communities made available by our partners.

      Boost in-store cross-selling thanks to better targeted promotional offers.

      Turn the payment process into a personalised customer interaction.

      Cut payments costs while enjoying the benefits of mobile payment.

      Compatible with the majority of pump and POS equipment.

      Enjoy visibility on frequently used banking apps.

      Forge a presence in the digital world without the need for heavy investment.

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      They trust us


      The CarPay-Diem platform is currently being rolled out and tested in petrol stations in Benelux and France and is coming soon to Germany.


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