Expand your open banking offer and join the banks of tomorrow

Offer a new and innovative service to your customers, increase your app’s user engagement and benefit from a new source of income by leveraging your customer data (in compliance with the GDPR).

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Build customer loyalty with a non-banking service integrated into your app. Bring your app up to date and gain new daily non-banking interactions with your users.

Monetise your untapped data with peace of mind

  •  Discover a solution that allows you to profit from your data in full compliance with international personal data protection regulations.
  • Become a part of a mobility ecosystem by putting your unused data to work for our customers. At the same time, carve out a presence in our innovative world of mobile payment, an up-and-coming sector with genuine advantages, both in terms of practicality and health and safety.

    Innovate with open banking by offering more than one "alternative" payment solution

    •  Diversify your non-banking services and become a permanent fixture in the daily life of your customers through a unique, ready-made solution. All you have to do is add a new feature to your existing application.
    • Compete with neobanks in the field of mobile innovation without any risk or substantial investment.

    Become a partner in a the mobility ecosystem

    • Create a strong link with the societies that will form the integrated mobility of tomorrow
    • Earn commission on each transaction carried out through your app.
    • Benefit from ready-to-use contactless payment technology that can be integrated directly into your application and is compatible with all connected media (smartphones and connected cars).

    How does CarPay-Diem work?

    We connect petrol stations with driving communities.


    Who is this community? Our partners are from the banking sector and mobility apps. We are offering you the chance to integrate our technology into your app, in exchange for commission on transactions and access to your community.


    Motorists can use our technology to access pumps remotely and pay for their fuel in a completely secure, contactless transaction using your app on their smartphone.


    Upon payment, the user interface will display a targeted promotional offer based on the information provided and you will earn commission on the transaction.


    CarPay-Diem user experience

    Your benefits

    Take advantage of new business opportunities without having to spend a fortune.

    Benefit from a new source of income under the GDPR: you don’t sell your data and will be in control of it at all times.

    Offer your customers a new smartphone feature that will come in handy on a daily basis and take open banking one step further.

    Take advantage of a legal framework established and maintained by us.

    Increase your app’s user engagement.

    Take advantage of a market that already yields an enormous number of transactions.

    Compete with neobanks in a future-orientated environment thanks to our innovative solution.

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    They trust us

    The CarPay-Diem platform is currently already available or in the process of being rolled out in petrol stations in Benelux and France and is coming soon to Germany.

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    Use case

    We are the mediators of an ecosystem with a long-term outlook designed to offer a win/win solution to all parties. We’d love for you to join us, so why wait? Don’t wait a moment longer to unlock the potential of your community.

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