Let's create a strong link between fuel retailers and drivers

By connecting communities of drivers with fuel networks, we give drivers good reasons to stop at a service station: convenience and safety through an innovative refuelling experience.


Our offering for fuel networks

Upgrade the fuel station experience to sell better while establishing a direct connection with your clients.

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Our offering for Banks

Add an Open Banking service useful right now and become one of the banks of tomorrow.

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Are you offering a mobility application?

Offer a new unique service to your users, differentiate yourself from your competitors and leverage your assets.

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Some figures about our solutions




litres sold


transaction per day




Recurring users

97.000.000 €

Sold through CarPay-Diem


About CarPay-Diem 

CarPay-Diem is a platform allowing any mobile application or connected car to activate a pump and manage payment from inside the vehicle.


The driver's experience is very simple: when the car arrives at the petrol station, the smartphone (or the car's display) automatically switches on and offers the number of the nearest pump. The driver can then fill up the tank.


When he places the nozzle back, the transaction receipt appears on the screen: CarPay-Diem automatically manages the payment as well as the amount of the loyalty points obtained. Simultaneously, the petrol station sent a targeted commercial offer to the driver inviting him to enter the shop and make additional purchases.

They trust us

The CarPay-Diem platform is currently deployed or is being deployed in service stations in Benelux, France and soon in Germany. CarPay-Diem is also IFSF compatible.

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